Requirements of the Program

For full details about the Ph.D. program, please download the latest version of the Handbook.

The primary goal of the doctoral program is to produce graduates who become scholars and teachers at leading research institutions and liberal arts colleges. To reach this goal several specific objectives must be achieved.

- Students must develop expertise in the subject matter of one of the subfields covered by the School.

- Students must also develop expertise in a minor field of study. The student may select a minor from among those offered in the School or from any appropriate PhD minor offered at the University of Arizona. The student should work closely with his or her advisor to select an appropriate minor.

- Students must develop expertise in the research enterprise. This expertise is developed through a sequence of four methods courses, as well as additional research skills pursuant to the particular dissertation project.

- Students must develop expertise in written and oral communication achieved by writing papers for courses, conferences and papers, and by participating in seminars.

- Finally, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress.