Kanbay Chair in Ethical Governance

Donors- a number of former employees of Kanbay have made or committed substantial contributions. 

Kanbay International

National Institute for Civil Discourse-Collaboration with NICD, which focuses on discourse in political campaigns and the promotion of ethical civic leadership

ResearchContinuing the research begun by the Raymond Spencer Program in Applied Ethics

SpeakersContinuing the Speakers Series of the Raymond Spencer Program in Applied Ethics

Kanbay Chair News- News about the Kanbay program




The School of Government & Public Policy is pleased to announce that a generous gift commitment has been secured from the former employees of Kanbay International, Inc. in the area of Ethical Governance. The chair has been established in recognition of the firm’s high ethical standards, which were infused in every aspect of its corporate culture. The gift is led by Mr. Raymond Spencer and W. John Patterson; Kanbay’s co-founders. Raymond Spencer has helped fund and teach in the Raymond Spencer Program in Applied Ethics for many years. Additionally, other employees of Kanbay are making contributions to the chair.

Mr. Spencer’s and his colleagues’ gift commitment initiates an immediate transition in the program. Dr. Neil Vance, currently the Director of the Applied Ethics Program, will be the inaugural holder of the Kanbay Chair in Ethical Governance. The chair helps recognize Dr. Vance’s past contributions to teaching ethical theory and practice.  This endowment will now become a permanent feature of the School of Government & Public Policy. The School of Government & Public Policy thanks Mr. Spencer, as well as his former Kanbay colleague Mr. John Patterson, for their generosity in the establishment of the Kanbay chair.

The Kanbay Chair holder will continue the work being done by the Raymond Spencer Program in Applied Ethics by advancing research into the study of ethical governance. The fund will support a scholar who will deliver a curriculum based on the Kanbay philosophy through internationally recognized research, teaching and outreach. The Chair holder will also work collaboratively with the National Institute for Civil Discourse, which focuses on discourse in political campaigns and the promotion of ethical civic leadership.

Raymond J. Spencer was the Chairman and CEO of Kanbay International, Inc. As a founder of Kanbay, he led the organization from its inception in 1989 to becoming a publicly–traded global company located in fourteen cities across eight nations. Thanks to his leadership, Kanbay was recognized as #9 on Business Week's Annual Hot Growth Companies List in 2005 and #1 on Forbes Fast Tech 25 list for the fastest growing US publicly–traded technology companies in 2006. In 2013, Mr. Spencer received an honorary doctorate degree through the University of Arizona for his support of campus programs. 

John Patterson, Kanbay co-founder, is Co-Director, along with his wife Thea, of Abbey North, Haliburton, a place of depth conversation and action on issues related to Environment, HIV-AIDS in Africa and the delegitimization of war.  This work has led to the establishment of Abbey Gardens in Haliburton which is a community project focused on the recovery for community purposes of a depleted gravel pit.  Education, the Arts, Vegetable and Flower gardening and small company incubation.