Intern Spotlights

The Right to be a Police Officer by Citalli Solis

Tucson Police Department Internship

January 31st, the internship began. I was overwhelmed with joy, but quickly intimidated upon seeing all the uniformed officers who towered above me throughout the station. Needless to say, my small height and timid personality did not make me feel any less anxious of eventually going through the academy myself. However, over the course of the internship, that same intimidation has motivated me to persevere and look forward to take on the academy headstrong...see more Tucson Police Department Internship

Pima County Superior Court, PreTrial Services video by Victoria Bziukiewicz


Campaign Manager for Melanie Barrett Candidate for Oro Valley Town Council by Emily Funk

My political internship has been somewhat untraditional in that I took the job first and then applied for internship status. I had known Melanie for several years and knew her to be smart, articulate, and compassionate. As the vice-chair on the Planning and Zoning Commission for Oro Valley, she had shared her insight into an issue which concerned me. So when I heard she was running for Town Council, I immediately thanked her and lent my support by inviting her to be a guest at a benefit dinner for a public school more Melanie Barrett Campaign for Oro Valley Town Council


University of Arizona Student Recognized for her Contribution to a Local Organization by Brielle Schumpe

As University of Arizona students start nearing the end of their time before graduation, many like to get involved in activities that will be beneficial their future. For many students, this means getting an internship. Internships are a great way for students to be introduced to real life situations within a field relating to their major. Some students, like Brielle Schumpe, like to take advantage of the experience in order to help their organization with an initiative that will have a lasting effect long after they more Interning at Dismas

How I Became a ‘Yes (Wo)man’ by Andrea Camacho de Anda 

Pima County Bar Association Internship                      

During the last couple months, I was given the opportunity to intern at the Pima County Bar Association in Downtown Tucson. The Pima County Bar Association is a private, voluntary, non-profit organization that provides a variety of services to the legal community in Tucson. Such services include continued legal education for professionals in the field, financial aid for legal services, and legal references to the public. ...  see more Pima County Bar Association Internship   


Turn Your Life Around (TYLA) video by Austin Gooder

Nogales Justice Court in Santa Cruz County Internship by Jozee Puglisi

This fall semester I interned at the Nogales Justice Court in Santa Cruz County. I worked directly with the Justice of Peace of Precinct #1. I worked in various departments, including the criminal department, civil department, traffic, and criminal traffic. I worked in a small office, with only 10 people and then myself, so I was able to develop wonderful interpersonal relationships with everyone...see more Nogales Justice Court Internship


U of A Student Eleanor Wiersma, intern with the Sonoita- Elgin Fire Department



Eleanor Wiersma, intern, learning what it takes to fight fires and save lives.




U of A Student Completes Internship   by Kaitlin Hooker

For her Final Project, Kaitlin wrote a newspaper article as if she were a reporter writing about her internship (in the third person). Arizona List Internship

University of Arizona senior Kaitlin Hooker stirred her coffee and pulled her hair into a ponytail before answering my first question: why had she decided to get involved with local Emily’s List affiliate Arizona List?... see more  Arizona List Internship

Arizona Daily Star writes an article about the Community Justice Board featuring intern Brad Snyder

The Pima County Attorney's Office is looking for volunteers to help at-risk youth throughout the community. Volunteers with the office's Community Justice Boards work with youths from ages 8 to 17 who have committed their first or second minor nonviolent crime. ... see more Arizona Daily Star




U of A Police Department Internship  by Ben Bordner

The University of Arizona Police Department offered me a chance to work hand-in-hand with every office in the department. see more UAPD Internship