Faculty-Student Collaborations

One of the strengths of our PhD program are the frequent and long-lasting research collaborations that emerge between members of the faculty and our PhD students. Below is a brief chronological list of recent publications resulting from these collaborations:

  • Andrew Braden,2 Matthew Cobb,2 and Alex Braithwaite.1 Forthcoming. "Geography of Terrorism." In Oxford Bibliographies in International Relations. Ed. Patrick James. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Alex Braithwaite1 and Tiffany S. Chu.2 Forthcoming. "Civil Conflicts Abroad, Foreign Fighters, and Terrorism at Home." Journal of Conflict Resolution.
  • Tiffany S. Chu2 and Jessica Maves Braithwaite.1 Forthcoming. "The effect of sexual violence on negotiated outcomes in civil conflicts." Conflict Management and Peace Science.
  • Tiffany S. Chu2 and Alex Braithwaite.1 Forthcoming. "The impact of foreign fighters on civil conflict outcomes." Research & Politics.
  • Samara Klar,1 Joshua Ridenour2, and Elizabeth Schmitt.2 Forthcoming. “Experiments on Social Identities.” In Jonathan Woon (Ed.) Handbook of Experimental Political Science, Edward Elgar Publishing. 
  • Elizabeth Schmitt2 and Samara Klar.1 Forthcoming. “Framing.” In The SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications. 
  • Alex Braithwaite1 and Sangmi Jeong.2 2017. "Diffusion in International Politics." in William R. Thompson (ed.), Empirical Theories of International Relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Thomas J. Volgy,J. Patrick Rhamey,3 Paul Bezerra,3 and Kelly Gordell.2 2017. "Conflict, Regions and Hierarchies." in William R. Thompson (ed.), Empirical Theories of International Relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Thomas J. Volgy,1 Paul Bezerra,3 J. Patrick Rhamey,3 and Jacob Cramer.3 2017. “Is a Region Like Pornography? Pursuing Regional Comparative Analysis in International Politics.” International Studies Review (forthcoming).
  • Paul Bezerra3 and Alex Braithwaite.1 2016. Locating Foreign Aid Commitments in Response to Political Violence. Public Choice 169(3): 333-355.
  • Barbara Norrander,1 and Jay Wendland.3  2016.  “Open Versus Closed Primaries and the Ideological Composition of Presidential Primary Electorates.”  Electoral Studies 42 (June):  229-36. 
  • J. Patrick Rhamey,3 Michael Slobodchikoff,3 and Thomas J. Volgy.1 2015. “"Order and Disorder across Geopolitical Space: The Effect of Declining Dominance on Interstate Conflict." Journal of International Relations and Development.
  • Jennifer Miller,3 Jacob Cramer,3 Thomas J. Volgy,1 Paul Bezerra,3 and Megan Hauser.3 2015. “Norms, Behavioral Compliance and Status Attribution in International Politics.” International Interactions 41 (5): 779-804.
  • Barbara Norrander,1 and Jay Wendland.3  2012.  “The Primary End Game and General Election Outcomes:  Are They Connected?”  The Forum 10 (4):  119-26.
  • Barbara Norrander,1 and Jay Wendland.3  2011.  “Redistricting in Arizona.”   In Reapportionment and Redistricting in the West, ed.  Gary F. Moncrief.  Lanham, MD:  Lexington Books, 177-97.  Cited in the U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Redistricting Commission, June 29, 2015.​

1 –faculty

2 –current students

3 –former students