Faculty Spotlight: Jun Peng, PhD

Jun Peng's pictureAt what institution did you do your undergrad and undergraduate work?

“I did my undergraduate work in my home country of China. My graduate work and doctoral work was done at State University of New York at Albany.”

What is your field of research in?

“My field of research is in finance. The areas that I focus is on public budgeting & debt, and pension management.

What initiated your interest in this field?

“I love the public sector and numbers so it kind of came together on it’s own. I did a lot of research on my own that interested me as I researched more.”

What inspired you to want to teach?

“I felt like I wanted to teach public finance because students aren’t familiar with it and it is very important in understanding government. I want students to have a good understanding of the public sector and how finances in the public sector affect them.”

What advice do you have for your future students?

“ I want students to be familiar with Excel. Students should be familiar with these basic programs that will benefit them. Try to read newspapers regularly and follow what's going on at the national, state and local level. As you take this class you understand the issues I will discuss a lot better.

What do you like to do on your free time?

“For an academic profession there is a blurred line between free time, my only obligation is teaching 8 hours a week so I have a lot of free time but I read and write to advance in my research and teach better material to my students. I al-so like to watch PBS and interesting things that is also related to my academic career. I also exercise to stay fit.”

What is one of your greatest inspirations?

“In terms of teaching my doctoral advisor, he was very instrumental in me acquiring my degree, he went out of his way to help me and I want to give it back to my students to help them like I was helped.”