UA Hosts the Pacific Coast American Politics Conference


Sat, 01/21/2017 - 00:00

Pacific Coast American Politics Conference
January 20-21, 2017
Tucson, AZ

 Friday, January 20th

 6:00pm: Welcome Reception and Dinner

Saturday, January 21st

Location: Silver & Sage Room in “Old Main,” located in the heart of UA campus

7:45--8:30am: Breakfast

8:30am: Sarah Anzia, “Testing the Turnout-Policy Connection: Senior Citizens, City Elections, and Local Transportation.” (Discussion by Greg Huber.)

9:30am: Erin Hartman, "Target Selection as Variable Selection: Using the Lasso to Select Auxiliary Vectors for the Construction of Survey Weights.”  (Discussion by Elizabeth Gerber.)

Coffee Break

11:00am: James Lo, “Fast Estimation of Ideal Points with Massive Data.”  (Discussion by Jessica Trounstine.)


1:00pm: Davin Phoenix, "Anger (Mis)Management? Racial Differences in the Emotional Foundations of Political Action.”  (Discussion by Leonie Huddy.)

2:00pm: Jessica Preece, "Selection Effects and Self-Presentation: How the Double Bind Strangles Women's Representation."  (Discussion by Kristin Kanthak.)

Coffee Break

3:25pm: Chris Tausanovitch, “Measuring Policy Preferences.”  (Discussion by Thad Kousser.)

4:25pm: Vanessa Tyson, "Twists of Fate: Multiracial Coalitions and Minority Representation in the US House of Representatives.”  (Discussion by Tali Mendelberg.)

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