Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice Studies

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The Criminal Justice Studies major introduces students to the fundamental foundations of criminal justice spanning from crime initiation to systems of punishment. Students will have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at mental health law, juvenile justice systems, police, court and corrections management and operations as well as a host of other options.  In addition, students will be exposed to traditional public administration courses that impart core skill sets such as leadership, ethics, public and nonprofit management, and formation of public policy.  Upon receipt of their degree students will be prepared to think critically in an increasingly complex and politicized society.

Criminal Justice Courses

Students may take courses in the following areas:

  • Police Management
  • The Crime Problem
  • Crime and Public Policy
  • Juvenile Justice and Mental Health
  • Women and Youth in the Justice System
  • White Collar Crime: Law and Public Policy
  • US National Security and the Use of Covert Action
  • History of US Intelligence: Organization and Policy

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