Conference: "The Changing Face of American Politics"

Saturday, February 2nd, at the University of Arizona: "The Changing Face of American Politics"

American politics are undergoing dramatic changes: demographic shifts, technological advances, and fractures within both major parties are leading political scholars to question what we thought we knew about how Americans form and share their political preferences. In this interdisciplinary conference, we aim to bring together experts on political behavior and communication to provide insights into how we can understand this new landscape.

Please join us to hear from our acclaimed guest speakers:

Professor Andrea Benjamin, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri

Professor Lauren Davenport, Associate Professor, Stanford University

Professor Matthew Pietryka, Assistant Professor, Florida State University

Professor Spencer Piston, Assistant Professor, Boston University

Professor Brian Weeks, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

and esteemed discussants:

Professor Erika Franklin Fowler, Associate Professor, Wesleyan University

Professor Kimberly Gross, Associate Professor, George Washington University

Professor Rodney Hero, Professor, Arizona State University

Professor Kira Sanbonmatsu, Professor, Rutgers University

Professor Christine Williams, Professor, Bentley University


Registration for this event is now closed. With questions, please contact Samara Klar at Thank you.