Accelerated Master of Legal Studies

Earn your Master of Legal Studies in just one additional semester!*

Qualified BA Law majors also have the opportunity to pursue an accelerated track to a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) through the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. The MLS is a one-year master’s degree for non-lawyers. After taking 12 units of foundational law courses at the graduate level (which count towards both the BA in Law and the MLS), students accepted into the accelerated program take an additional 18 units in Legal Analysis, Research and Writing, and upper-level electives with Juris Doctor students. MLS students may choose to focus on a certain discipline through a specialized program (such as family law, criminal law, or environmental law), or pursue self-designed curriculum in their area of interest (such as immigration, business law, employment law, or patent law). Upon graduation, MLS students will be well-equipped to pursue law-related careers that do not require a Juris Doctor such as compliance officers, human resources professionals, immigration officers, court personnel, victim advocates, or patent agents.
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