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Gartzke, Erik & Alex Braithwaite. ‘Power, Parity and Proximity: How Distance and Uncertainty Con- dition the Balance of Power.’ 

Alex Braithwaite, Niheer Dasandi, & David Hudson. ‘Does Poverty Cause Civil Conflict? Isolating the Causal Origins of the Conflict Trap.’ 

Braithwaite, Alex. ‘Territorial Terrorism: An Unintended Consequence of A Military Footprint.’ 

Braithwaite, Alex, Jeffrey Kucik, & Jessica Maves. ‘The Contagion of Nonviolent Conflict.’ 

Braithwaite, Alex & Shane D. Johnson. ‘A Space-Time Model of the Battle for Baghdad.’ 


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Alex Braithwaite
Associate Professor of International Relations & Director of Ph.D. Program
Office: Social Sciences 314B
Office Hours: Thursdays 2-4pm


2006: PhD in Political Science, Pennsylvania State University

2002: MA in Political Science, Pennsylvania State University

1999: BA in War Studies & History, King's College London

Courses Taught

POL 414: Contagion & Diffusion in World Politics (Fall 2013)

POL 596E: International Relations Proseminar (Fall 2013)