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My research focuses on comparative institutional analyses of water laws, policies, property rights, and compacts in the western US. I am particularly interested in the design and performance of polycentric systems of water governance and how well such systems of water governance adapt to changing environmental, legal, and social circumstances. Journals I have published in include Land Economics, Policy Studies Journal, Publius, and the American Journal of Political Science. I am co-author of two books on western water governance, Common Waters, Diverging Streams: Linking Institutions and Water Management in Arizona, California, and Colorado (with William Blomquist and Tanya Heikkila); and Embracing Watershed Politics (with William Blomquist). I am also the lead editor of Navigating Climate Change Policy: The Opportunities of Federalism (with Kirsten Engel and Sally Rider).

My teaching centers on environmental policy and public policy. I teach both undergraduate and graduate survey courses on environmental policy, an undergraduate course on climate change policy; and a PhD seminar on theories of the policy process.


Selected Publications: 

Garrick, Dustin, Lucia De Stefano, Fai Fung, Jamie Pittock, Edella Schlager, Mark New, and Daniel Connell. 2013. “Managing Hydroclimatic Risks in Federal Rivers: A Diagnostic Assessment” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 371:20120415

Heikkila, Tanya and Schlager, Edella (2012) " Addressing the Issues: The Choice of Environmental Conflict-Resolution Venues in the United States" American Journal of Political Science. doi: 10.1111/j.1540-5907.2012.00588.x

Schlager, Edella, Tanya Heikkila, and Carl Case (2012) "The Costs of Compliance with Interstate Agreements: Lessons From Water Compacts in the Western United States" Publius: The Journal of Federalism 42(3):494-515

 Schlager, Edella and Tanya Heikkila. (2011) “Left High and Dry? Climate Change, Common Pool Resource Theory, and the Adaptability of Western Water Compacts” Public Administration Review 71(3):461-470

 Heikkila, Tanya, Edella Schlager, and Mark Davis (2011) “The Role of Cross-scale Institutional Linkages in Common Pool Resource Management: Assessing Interstate River Compacts” Policy Studies Journal 39(1):121-145

Schlager, Edella,  Kirsten Engel, and Sally Rider, eds, (2011) Navigating Climate Change Policy: The Opportunities of Federalism. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press.