Bachelor of Arts: Law


The Bachelor of Arts: Law

The University of Arizona is proud to announce the collaboration of the James E. Rogers College of Law and the School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP) in the creation of a new Bachelor of Arts in Law—the first in the country. 

Students will receive core legal training, including instruction in key substantive areas of the law, such as property, contracts, torts, constitutional law, administrative law, and criminal and civil procedure. Students will acquire critical skills such as the ability to “think like a lawyer” and the ability to make clearly written and organized legal arguments. On graduation, students will be well-equipped for direct employment in an increasing number of jobs where legal training is an advantage, or to pursue further legal education in law school. For students who decide to attend law school, the BA in Law provides the opportunity for an expedited path, allowing qualified law majors to start law school at the James E. Rogers College of Law after their junior year (the “3+3 Program”).

Law majors are required to take four core law courses, totaling 12 units. After completing these core classes, students may specialize in upper-level courses in areas as wide-ranging as employment, family, immigration, business, international, Native American, health, and environmental law. 

Possible careers open to graduates of the program include, as illustrative examples, positions in corporate compliance, tax advising, business management, trade, banking and finance, conflict resolution, contracts administration, city planning, health administration, resource management, human resources, policy analysis, and legal technology consulting.  


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Monday, September 8, 2014 @ 5:00pm

Student Union- Agave Room (level 4)

Law Professor Rob Williams will show you how he plans to teach law majors to “think like a lawyer” and apply the type of critical thinking skills tested on the LSAT and first-year law school exams.


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